Monday, October 31, 2011

Last of the Ninja Background

Last two backgrounds for my ninja film. I had done the one with the two stone dragons before but I had lost it in the corners of my computer. It looks much butter the second time around.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ninja Film - Backgrounds

I'm just finishing up my second short film and thought i'd throw up some of the better backgrounds.

Portfolio - April 2011

My graduating Portfolio from Animation at Algonquin college 2011.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Demo Reel - Animation & Layout

Animation Demo Reel from Katherine Ellsworth on Vimeo.

First Demo Reel for animation and Layout.

Third Year Film: The Restricted Section

Third year film - The Restricted Section from Katherine Ellsworth on Vimeo.

Film from third year.
I didn't get it finished but i'm okay with that. I like what it is fore my first film.

Harmony Prop assignment

Prop Assignment from Katherine Ellsworth on Vimeo.

Hey, this is the prop assignment from Harmony third year. I like the acting in it but the hair was hard to master.


Flash from Katherine Ellsworth on Vimeo.

Flash- Head from Katherine Ellsworth on Vimeo.

A few flash assignments from first semester third year.

11 Second Club

Untitled from Katherine Ellsworth on Vimeo.

Hey thar. I'm a bit late posting this. Its my Final for third year Harmony. Its an 11 second club audio clip.

Batman Line ups

Hey there!
I had to do these for the finetooning pages at school, but i enjoyed it a lot.
I'll be posting more later.
Drawn traditionally coloured in Photoshop.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Lide drawing - Colour edition

Hey thar !

I just finished off my first sketch book using colour pastels and construction paper.
here are the best examples.
I think i still like using newsprint and pastels best.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Film Backgrounds

Oldies but Goodies

These are from a few summers ago but there what i think our the best of my other blog today.
Crazy Lobster
Chompy Tooth paste
Frothing Teddy Bear
Snorkel Penguin
Crying Plant

Mad Scientist and Minion

This here is a preproduction assignment from first semester second year of animation. We had to design a Mad Scientist and i really like my thick crazy woman and he messed up minion. My original idea was that the minion was her little sister who she experimented up. Not sure how much i like that any more, but i love the look of the Woman.

Life Drawing

Hey there All. So this is my new More professional Blog. I'll be posting my very best work here.

Today we're kicking things off with My best life drawing to date. It is mostly from last semester. A few gestures and a few long poses, a drapery study, a long poses drawing the model as Kida from Disney's Atlantis.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think.